Arts Zine Black & White table
Arts ZineMoroccan Handmade Black & White Two Tables
Moroccan Handmade Black & White Two Tables with continuous line art hand painted

Morocco is a country situated in the middle of Africa and Europe. The country is home to a variety of cultures from countries in the Northwest including France, Spain, Portugal, and places in the southwest with Persian and African influences. The mix-up of these cultures results in a decorating and design style branded as Moroccan. This is what makes the Moroccan style unique, artistic, and visually playful among other Interior design styles. 

If you want to induce color, pattern, and distinctiveness into your Interior space, the Moroccan style is the way to go. Although the style usually involves a lot of visual play through the use of patterns, and colors, the Moroccan style is actually easy to achieve as long as you know all the important elements of what makes a home truly Moroccan in style. 

Here you are 5 simple ways to induce a bit of Moroccan flair to your interior space.

1. Add colorful art pieces. 

Arts Zine Moroccan Handmade Purple Two Tables
Moroccan handmade Set of purple two tables with continuous line art hand painted

The Moroccan interior design is all about colors added through fascinating and geometric art pieces. You can add color in many ways such as hanging a colorful art piece, adding a patterned rug of throw pillows, or going playful with your furniture choice and include this colorful Amber end table to add vibrance to your living room.

2. Go for luxurious furnishings. 

Decorative light at restaurant koulchi zine

Moroccan homes usually evoke the feeling of luxury and grandeur. However, you don’t need to spend a lot on expensive furniture pieces because there are a lot of furniture items you can find on thrift stores and marketplaces that look just as luxurious. Keep in mind that a Moroccan Interior’s distinguishing feature is the play of art and color. Make sure that your furnishings have colorful upholstered fabrics. 

3. Induce elements of mosaic patterns.

Arts Zine Zellige pattern Tables
Set of two tables hand painted with Moroccan Zellige pattern

One of the main characteristics of the Moroccan style is Islamic geometric patterns, primarily the Zellige tile work. Adding elements of this geometric pattern either on fabric, tiles, or furniture pieces will truly transform your space into a traditional Moroccan home. This artistic hand-painted end table featuring a Zellige pattern is a great addition. 

4. How to create the Moroccan mood with lighting.

Arts Zine Hieroglyphs Light
Hieroglyphs Light

Lighting is an important aspect of Interior design. Aside from the fact that it brightens the spaces, lighting design also creates the mood and sets the tone of the place. Light can either make a room feel dark and gloomy, dramatic, romantic, or bright and airy depending on how lighting is being incorporated in the space. To achieve the Moroccan vibe, making the space feel warm and luxurious is the key. These lacquered steel hexahedron decorative lightings are statement Moroccan art pieces that you can hang in your lobby or living room to impress your guests. 

5. Include a statement art piece of decor. 

Moroccan Handmade Art Trays
Handmade Tray painted with geometric patterns
Moroccan Handmade Art Trays
Handmade Tray painted with continues line art

Nothing can make a home unique and extraordinary than having statement pieces. Even just small décor items such as vases, paintings, or lamps can go a long way in catching the attention of your guests. From the rug on the floor to the statement cube-shaped decorative lighting, everything in your home should be a visual appetite. Small details you can include are these colorful art trays designed with a hand-painted geometric pattern and continuous line art.

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